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As we engage new partnering agreements, the ASC web site will be updated to reflect these changes, so please check back again. Be ready to climb aboard or step out of the way. Semiconductor technology is changing. Like the approaching train to the left, it isn't wise to remain dead center in its tracks. Opportunity exists now.

Who are we?

ASC creates and licenses innovative EDA tools for high-level design flows. Since our founding in 1990, SBIR funding has provided major support for the development of breakthrough methodologies that equip our customers with innovative design tools, giving them a distinct competitive advantage for meeting tomorrow's challenging requirements for interoperability, testability, soft error recovery and lowest power.

                                             Low Power Synthesis                 

                                                Medical Devices

EDA tool licenses

HDL Translation - ASC's popular VHDL2verilog™ and verilog2vhdl™ Translators are now licensed and supported by SynaptiCAD (go to http://www.synapticad.com).

VBIT® - IEEE Std 1149™ JTAG RTL Insertion - Preliminary support for IEEE Std 1500 CTAG is also available.

CoolChip™ - High-level power optimizing design flow using PACIFIC™ and macro block library elements such as ALF or popular design libraries.

PACIFIC™ - ESL Power Optimizer automatically explores the design space for best architecture that meets timing constraint for dramatic reduction in switching and leakage power.  Removes the guesswork from low power analysis and design.

CORAL™ - Characterizes RTL macromodels for power for use in ESL flows. Examples of macro-block library components are adder, multiplier, mux, etc. CORAL supports IEEE Std. 1603 ALF and popular industry library formats.

OpenALF is the open source ALF Compiler written in Perl.  For more information and to obtain a free copy of OpenALF, contact us.

Technology module licenses

Save valuable project time by embedding proven software. Cross license one our reusable modules (C++, XML, and/or Python):
    * FRITS VHDL or Verilog parse tree
    * IEEE Std 1603™ ALF Compiler and API
    * Behavioral fault modeling
    * Hardware/software co-design
    * Radiation hardening by design (also for soft errors)
    * VTMR™ soft error correction

                                Contact ASC for detailed information and licensing terms.